The Race is On: Who Will Build the Next Presidential Limousine?

Lincoln LogoPresident Obama’s current armored limousine, nicknamed “The Beast,” no doubt lives up to its name. Eight-inch armor-plated doors, night vision cameras, tear gas cannons, Kevlar-reinforced tyres, you name it. The Beast has got more gadgets than the most outrageous James Bond Aston Martin.

But that isn’t stopping the Secret Service from trying to replace it. The plan is to award a contract for the design of a new limo that should be ready by 2017 for the next President. The two major contenders are Lincoln and Cadillac.

Though Cadillac has recently been the more popular brand among Presidents, it’d be a mistake to ever count Lincoln out of the race. The first ever car designed to transport the Commander-in-Chief was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1939 Lincoln K-Series called “Sunshine Special,” and until Bill Clinton took office, all but one presidential limousine were built by Lincoln.

If the next president wanted a Lincoln, we wager it would look somewhat like a cross between the MKS sedan and the MKT crossover. What do you think it’ll look like? Let us know at Springfield Ford Lincoln!

2014 Lincoln MKZ Suspension System Helps Mitigate Pothole Damage

PotholeNow that the snow has cleared up, you may have noticed the winter left more things in its wake than just bare trees. The roads are peppered with potholes, and unfortunately, not all cars are well-equipped to handle driving over them.

The 2014 Lincoln MKZ can. As part of its Drive Control system, it offers continuously controlled damping (CCD) suspension as a standard feature, providing protection for the car and its passengers against potholes.

The CCD system is comprised of 12 sensors, which can read about 50 inputs from road conditions in only two milliseconds—that’s less time than it takes to blink. When a pothole is detected and the wheel begins to drop rapidly, the special software kicks in, applying additional damping to the shocks to keep the wheel from dropping as deeply.

As a result, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ not only makes driving over potholes feel smoother but also reduces the impact on the wheel and tire.

Check it out for yourself at Springfield Lincoln!

Lincoln Continues its Reimagination with ‘The Journey’

African American EntrepreneurshipLincoln’s latest multi-media cultural project in the “Lincoln Now” campaign is called “The Journey.” This is focused on entrepreneurship and is directed towards the African American community.

The first part of the project involves singer/songwriter and Lincoln Ambassador Emeli Sande. On Lincoln’s website, there is a short video with her describing her journey towards finding her voice and moving from neuroscience to music. There is also a short interview that further explores her life and musical process.

Over the next year, Lincoln will be highlighting other creative personalities, including Nelson George, director Kenny Leon, Danny Simmons, Afua Richardson, photographer Terrence A. Reese, and fashion designer Bobby Joseph.

“As Lincoln continues to tell its reinvention story and attract a more culturally progressive luxury client, opportunities such as this continue to be of great importance,” said Shawn Thompson, Lincoln manager, multicultural marketing, in a statement.

Here at Springfield Ford Lincoln, we are excited to see the Lincoln Motor Company continue to dedicate itself to artists and explore new ways highlight the creativity all around us.

Look Up: The 2014 Lincoln MKZ Offers an Unbeatable View

2014 Lincoln MKZ Panoramic SunroofThe retractable panoramic sunroof available with the 2014 Lincoln MKZ is one of our favorite features here at Springfield Ford Lincoln. This expertly designed, easy-to-use amenity is an example of Lincoln’s dedication to enhancing consumers’ driving experience.

With 15.2 square feet of sky viewing, the sunroof allows natural light and fresh air to gush in, making your commute a little more breezy and carefree.

With the touch of a button, you can open the sunroof screen. Separate buttons seamlessly open, close, or vent the glass window.

The sunroof automatically closes part-way when you reach speeds of 50 mph or higher in order to maintain a quiet ride. However, you can override the automatic closing if you would prefer to keep the roof open all the way.

With all that open-air space, even those in back row will be able to spot the funny-shaped clouds on a sunny day or stargaze on a clear night. If you’re driving, you may be tempted to pull over to better enjoy your expansive view of the sky.

With the 2014 MKZ’s retractable panoramic sunroof opened wide, what would you hope to glimpse flying across your view?

Lincoln Partners with AIA for Panel about Design Excellence

What do cars and architecture have in common? That’s what a recent panel discussion featuring Lincoln Motor Company executives and American Institute of Architects (AIA) members sought to answer. The panel, hosted by the Miami Center for Architecture and Design, sought to showcase how designers in both industries face the challenge of creating “sophisticated, elegant design that is comfortable and efficient.”

Lincoln AIADavid Woodhouse, the director of Lincoln design and one of the participating panelists, expounded on the crossover between industries. “With any product or experience, the world of luxury design follows basic, yet vital, tenets,” said David Woodhouse, director of Lincoln design and a panelist. “Both luxury automobile designers and designers of high-end buildings need their creations to meet all the necessary functional requirements, but elevate the execution in a way that speaks to people’s aspirations, taps into their dreams and helps them stand apart from the crowd.”

Whether its sponsoring the Tribeca Film Festival, working with Essence magazine, or discussing design with world-renowned architects, the Lincoln Motor Company continues to find ways to associate itself with excellent, high-class organizations and people. But, of course, the company is only as good as its products. So come check out the top-line, well-crafted vehicles in stock at Springfield Ford Lincoln today!

Smooth Pennsylvania Highways Coming Soon

Construction to Start on Pennsylvania HighwaysWinter weather can wreak havoc on roads. And, and we all know, this winter was incredibly long and harsh. Constant plowing and salt, and freezing temperatures eat away at road surfaces leaving dangerous potholes. Now that the snow seems to finally have ended, PennDOT has started to make much needed repairs on the state highways.

“PennDOT crews have been focused on filling potholes throughout the winter, except when snow duty called,” PennDOT District Executive Lester C. Toaso said, in an interview with the Springfield Patch. “The difference now is that hot asphalt is more readily available in the Philadelphia region and the use of this material enables us to make more permanent repairs.”

Potholes can cause severe damage to cars, which is why you should avoid them, if at all possible. However, don’t swerve into other cars, because that would obviously be a lot worse. If you see a pothole on a state highway, you can call 1-800-FIX-ROAD to report it. You can also check road conditions by visiting 511PA online or by dialing 5-1-1.

As the weather continues to warm up and the road conditions improve, try to plan a weekend family getaway. Need a new road trip car? Visit us at Springfield Ford Lincoln and we’ll find the perfect vehicle for you.

A Look at the Ford Ute: An F-Series Before Ford Made the F-Series

Ford is celebrating a special anniversary this week for a particularly unique octogenarian. Don’t get it twisted around, though: this is an eighty-year-old who could still beat you in an arm wrestling match and drink you under the table. That, friends, is the legacy of the Ute, which is the forerunner for Ford’s F-Series and Ranger pickup trucks.

According to Ford’s story-telling press release, the Ute was a creature born of need. Hubert French, the managing director of Ford’s Australian arm, received a letter from a farmer’s wife in 1933 that asked if he could help their problem of needing a car for church and a truck for taking pigs to market.

French passed the letter to engineer Lewis Bandt, who set about designing the Ute. The first prototypes were tested out in October of that year, and the first production-model Ford Utes went into production in January 1934.

The Ute was a beast in its day, powered by a V8 engine and a three-speed manual gearbox, and it was immensely popular among rural-based Ford customers. Between 1940 and 1954, more than 22,000 Utes sold throughout Australia.

80 years later, the spiritual successors to the Ute are the Ford F-Series and Ranger. Inspired by the combination of power, utility, and practicality, the F-Series has enjoyed a 37-year run as America’s best-selling pickup and a 32-year stint as the country’s best-selling vehicle overall.

1948-f-seriesWhether you’re tearing up the Outback or conquering the great outdoors…heck, even if you just want to get out of Springfield for the weekend…the Ute-inspired F-Series and Ranger have you covered. Stop into Springfield Ford Lincoln and test drive one today!

Lincoln Becomes Signature Sponsor of This Year’s Tribeca Film Festival

2014 Lincoln MKZIn order to keep up-to-date with the design trends and the creative side of the arts, Lincoln will act as a Signature Sponsor of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The Tribeca Film Festival is an annual gathering in New York City that helps emerging and established filmmakers to reach a broader audience. Hosted by Robert DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal, and Craig Hatkoff, this year’s festival will take place from April 16th through the 27th.

“The creative and visionary participants of the Tribeca Film Festival mirror Lincoln,” said Matt VanDyke, director, global Lincoln. “Just as they are driving film in new and exciting ways, Lincoln offers a fresh alternative with its vehicles and client experience. We continue to support and encourage innovative ideas and projects that echo the Lincoln brand’s passion for the arts, design and thought leadership. With signature sponsorship of the Tribeca Film Festival, Lincoln celebrates achievements in filmmaking.”

A new feature that Lincoln will introduce to this year’s festival, the “Tribeca Interactive & Interlude” is a music film contest that challenges filmmakers to create an interactive music video that explores the subject in a new and exciting way. This ties in well with the recent collaborative video created by Lincoln and artist Aloe Blacc.

For more information about the Tribeca Film Festival, Lincoln, or Lincoln’s involvement and dedication to the arts, stop by Springfield Ford Lincoln just outside Philadelphia, PA today. We’d be glad to help you with any questions or to set up a test drive in any of our great vehicles.

2015 Lincoln Navigator Uses New 3.5-Liter EcoBoost V6

2015 Lincoln Navigator EcoBoostNew for the 2015 Lincoln Navigator, a powerful and efficient 3.5-Liter EcoBoost V6 engine with unique tuning will turn the next model into a large SUV with power throughout the rpm range. Also, while increases in power usually mean less fuel efficiency, the new EcoBoost engine will be significantly more economical than similarly powerful V8 engines. This special version of Ford’s 3.5-Liter EcoBoost will be tuned to put out at least 370 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque according to preliminary testing.

The combination of a flat torque curve and an available 4.01:1 rear-axle ratio will also make for maximum acceleration and projected best-in-class towing capability. Thanks turbocharging, direct gasoline injection, variable valve timing, and other great engineering techniques, the new EcoBoost engine will offer a better combination of economy and power than ever before.

“Drivers will feel the power when they step on the gas,” said Elaine Bannon, 2015 Lincoln Navigator chief engineer. “The new EcoBoost engine sets the standard in this vehicle segment with its balance of performance and efficiency.”

Paired up with a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission and either 4WD or rear-wheel drive, the new EcoBoost engine should prove plenty capable in any situation. Be sure to come check it out at Springfield Ford Lincoln just outside Philadelphia once the 2015 models are available.

More Luxury and Beauty in the 2015 Lincoln Navigator

The all-new Lincoln Navigator arrives for the 2015 model year, bringing with it refreshed front and rear end designs, new options, and even more space than ever before.

And, of course, luxury. After setting the standard for quality, beauty, and refinement in the full-size luxury sport utility vehicle segment, the 2015 Navigator is aiming to raise it once again.

“From a design standpoint, the new Navigator is more of what Lincoln customers want in a full-size luxury SUV,” said Jim Grake, Lincoln exterior designer. “Our customers will appreciate that, in addition to the substantial design changes, the new vehicle preserves the qualities that made Navigator great.”

Inside, the Navigator now features a completely redesigned, hand-wrapped leather instrument cluster that gives it an even more upscale feel and comes standard with the latest SYNC® with MyLincoln Touch™ driver connectivity system.

Fans of quality leather will also be able to opt for the new Reserve Package, which includes ultra-luxurious leather seats all the way to the third row and hand-wrapped leather door trim, console, and glove box door.

Find the 2015 Lincoln Navigator this fall when it goes on sale at Springfield Ford Lincoln.